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Supplier News September 2010
September 1, 2010

News on suppliers to the packaging printing industry, featuring the 2010 InterTech™ Technology Awards, GMG, Enercon Industries, Channeled Resources Group, and Avery Dennison.

Printing Industries of America Announces 2010 InterTech Award Winners
August 6, 2010

PITTSBURGH, Pa.—Printing Industries of America has announced the recipients of the 2010 InterTech Technology Awards. The technologies receiving this prestigious award have been judged as truly innovative and expected to have a major impact on the graphic communications industry.

Onpress?Curing Equipment
May 1, 2004

AAA PRESS INTERNATIONAL LIGHTouch™ UV Curing Systems for narrow-web offer mobile top-loading and side-loading microcassette units to 600 W with COOL heat management. Write 361, Visit Aetek UV Curing Systems UV curing systems for narrow, mid, and wide format presses. Applications include UV inks, varnishes, laminating adhesives, coatings, and silicone release coatings. Write 362, Visit Caprock Developments Our replacement lamps give you a single source for all makes and models of UV curing and IR drying equipment, saving you money, while assuring you of the same high quality you expect from the OEM manufacturer. Write 363, Visit Doyle Systems Doyle cleaning,

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's Super UV/EB
February 1, 2004

Each year, more and more package printers are turning to UV and EB curing for their super drying and time-saving powers. TODAY'S ULTRAVIOLET (UV) and electron beam (EB) curing equipment can't fly like Superman, but with their many other super powers, they don't need to, to impress end users. For the past several years, package printers have raved about the high-productivity capabilities, easy maintenance, and low environmental impact of these drying systems, putting UV and EB curing equipment in high-demand. "I get about three or four calls a week from printers wanting to get into UV curing—they want the gloss," said Dave Douglas, vice