Mark Andy

1998 TLMI Converters of the Year
October 1, 1998

Family ties that first tested, and now bind Custom Tape & Label have created a new generation of tag and label talent and drive. by Susan Friedman James O. Buckley founded Custom Tape & Label Co. with a dream familiar to many: to provide a better life for his family. He didn't know then that business and family would eventually become one entity—or that the unexpected unification of home- and work-life would fuel a collision of wills. But the dust has long settled from past differences, and Buckley's venture has become a tradition that won't soon fall from the family tree or the tag

Exploring Middle Ground
June 1, 1998

Press suppliers discuss the "why" behind buying into mid-web technology. What do press suppliers believe is currently the most compelling argument for package printers to consider mid-web technology? Industry insiders' responses reveal potential benefits for narrow- and wide-web traditionalists, though the definition of mid-web can vary for each segment. Hans Heuchert, President, AapexX Corp., Hot Springs, AR A mid-width press makes it possible to be profitable with short runs. The capital expenditure is much lower. The press is much easier and faster to set up—as fast as 4 minutes, 30 seconds for a 4-color letterpress, and 9 minutes for a 6-color flexo press. The

Knowledge is (UV) Power
March 1, 1998

A thorough understanding of prepress and flexo control enabled Brook & Whittle to make the jump to UV flexo. By Susan Friedman When applicable process knowledge is in place, UV flexo has provided a quick pathway to profits for package printers. The positive experience of label printer Brook & Whittle demonstrates the importance of preparing, clearing the learning curve and finding commonalities from previous experience that can make the leap to UV flexo a shorter one. For this printer, a background in prepress has provided that natural bridge to UV flexo. As owner of U.S. prepress firm ColoTone from 1982 to 1993, Anthony

Bringing Flexo Into the Fold
February 1, 1998

Will offset-loyal folding carton printers buy into flexo's quality gains and process efficiencies? By Susan Friedman A $4 billion dollar carrot could be dangling in front of folding carton printers interested in pursuing flexo, according to The Future of Flexo Printing for Packaging and Specialty Markets 1996, released by Graphic Arts Marketing Information Service (GAMIS). All but 20 percent of the $5 billion folding carton printing market could potentially be done flexo, the report states, with the exception being high-end packages for cosmetics and other industries. Flexo is more likely, however, to jump from 20 percent to 40 percent penetration within five years, mostly

1997 TLMI Award Winners
February 1, 1998

packagePRINTING presents the tag and label industry's exclusive first look at the winners of the 1997 TLMI Awards competition. By taking Best of Show honors in the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute's Awards competition, a combination offset-printed/foil-stamped front and back label solidified multi-process printing's reputation for adding value and elegance to printed packaging. Converted by Impressive Labels, Safford, AZ, the "Frescolina" wine label was tagged by the panel of judges as being superior to all 290 entries in this 20th annual competition. Overall, 49 TLMI and 18 FINAT member companies participated. Cited for its extremely exacting registration of two foils put down one