Karstedt Associates

August 1, 2013

Of significant interest to package printers is the strategic co-location of CPP EXPO at PRINT 13, which reflects the ever-growing importance of the package-printing segment in the graphic communications industry. Show attendees planning to attend either PRINT 13 or CPP EXPO will gain single-pass entry to both events.

Commercialization Assessment for Narrow Web Digital Printing
March 25, 2011

Karstedt Associates, Ltd. announced the immediate availability of its Commercialization Assessment Report prepared specifically to assist the narrow-web label printer/converter in evaluating technologies and opportunities for digital label printing.

What Will It Take to Survive?
March 1, 2009

Events during the last six months have made research for this article a real challenge. It’s almost like writing an article on the state of the commercial airline industry for the November 2001 issue of “Your Aviation Monthly Magazine.”

Karstedt Associates Initiates Packaging Graphics Outsourcing Study
May 16, 2008

EDEN, N.Y.—Karstedt Associates is conducting a comprehensive industry-wide study that asks, “Have conditions been put in place that create ‘the perfect storm’ of events that make outsourcing of graphic services for package design/production, premedia, and prepress a necessary business practice?” Karstedt Associates hopes to bring answers to those in the packaging graphic development supply chain who need to understand the benefits, challenges, and ramifications of outsourcing, or not outsourcing. “Outsourcing of graphic services is not a new concept in our industry. However, in light of current global economic conditions, in conjunction with advancements in how graphics are created and managed; it may become more

Evolution —Polischuk
March 1, 2007

The State of the Industry Reports compiled for this issue provide an opportunity to step back and view, as a package, many of the trends and topics that are covered throughout the year. Rarely do new trends emerge just in time for these reports, and it is more likely that many of the trends are continuing—albeit with some new twists—from year to year. Flexible packaging still continues to lead as a dynamic packaging segment, led by growth in pouches. The label industry is continuing its steady move into the use of film substrates, which opens up doors into flexible packaging. The folding carton

Digital Printing--Coming on Strong
April 1, 2004

The role of digital printing is starting to take shape in the package-printing industry. by Tom Polischuk, editor-in-chief DIGITAL PRINTING FOR packaging is out of the starting blocks. It's new; it's exciting; it's expensive; and it's here to stay. As with any new technology, some are jumping in and some are watching from the sidelines, waiting to see if it's right for them. Kevin Karstedt, president of Karstedt Associates, a consulting firm for the consumer product and package-printing industries, is in close touch with the movement of digital printing into packaging. He easily rattles off a number of recent installations including a range