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Maximize Your Anilox Investment
April 1, 2009

With anilox rolls being a main artery of the flexographic printing process, you would be foolish not to maximize their value. Not to sound trite, but the United States economy is hurting at the moment, and it’s not easy getting the most bang for your buck these days.

Beyond Darth Vader
April 1, 2004

Beyond Star Wars' use of lasers, package printers are using two main types of lasers to engrave cells into anilox rolls. by Joy English, Assistant Editor THROUGOUT OUR LIVES, we are constantly fascinated by things that light up. We capture fireflies and "ooh" and "aww" at Fourth of July fireworks. Laser light shows are a big attraction at amusement parks and even science museums, where rays of light dance to funky background music. But these beams of light energy can be very powerful and very useful tools in various industries. In the package-printing industy, lasers are being used to engrave anilox rolls for

January 1, 2002

Anilox experts recommend their top handling procedures for optimum roll performance. compiled by Jessica Millward, Associate Editor • APPLY the proper amount of doctor blade pressure, BECAUSE excessive pressure prevents the anilox from delivering correct ink amount. -Brian Jacob, EVP/sales and marketing, Pamarco • REMOVE roll's protective wrap by hand, BECAUSE using a razor blade to cut through protective wrap might result in cell damage if excessive pressure is applied. -Art Ehrenberg, VP/operations, Harper Corp. • LOCK down gears evenly, BECAUSE even lock-down prevents broken anilox journals. -Wendy Rooks, sales manager, CTS Industries • ESTABLISH careful gear/bearing installation procedures, BECAUSE wiping bearing races and

15th Annual Excellence Awards
April 1, 2001

McCoy Packaging's "Kuleto Villa" wine label poured on enough printing charm to ace two categories and capture Best of Show honors in packagePRINTING's 15th annual Excellence Awards. by Susan Friedman, Editor If McCoy Packaging's Best of Show-winning strategy was to forge an indelible impression in the judge's minds, it succeeded, hands down. McCoy's "Kuleto Villa" wine label repeatedly stood up to its competitors in packagePRINTING's 2001 Excellence Awards, initially nabbing first place in the Labels—Flexo (Process) category, where judges singled it out as a difficult printing, diecutting, and embossing job well executed. "[This label] holds beautiful register at 175 line screen," commented judge Roy

January 1, 2000

Anilox roll in anufacturers are investing for now and later, while cleaning technologies take on tomorrow's higher line counts. by Susan Friedman A boy scout mentality pervades the anilox roll industry, where it could be said that the time-worn motto, "Be prepared," has definitely taken root. The flood of recent facility expansions and equipment investments illustrates suppliers' collective decision to keep a ready hand in present and future roll manufacturing methods. As new coating and engraving philosophies continue to assert themselves, ruling a technology out too quickly could leave a manufacturer down and out. CTS President Doug Collins explains anilox roll suppliers have