Drying/Curing - UV

GEW to Offer Futureproof UV Curing
June 23, 2015 at 12:57 pm

GEW Limited, a designer and manufacturer of advanced UV curing systems for the label printing, coating and digital printing industry is introducing the first truly futureproof hybrid UV curing system called ArcLED.

RadTech Announces UV LED 2015 Conference
May 26, 2015 at 1:59 pm

RadTech, the Association for Ultraviolet (UV) and Electron Beam (EB) Technology, has announced a new technology conference targeting the emergence of UV LEDs used with advanced materials.

Hot Melts Hold Fast
January 1, 2012

Some UV units are designed to cure UV varnishes or inks under partially inerted conditions. These units may not be sufficient to properly run these silicones, although it may still be possible to produce suitable PSA labels and/or tapes by adjusting selected adhesive components. For quality adhesive laminates, a properly coated release liner cured with less than 50 ppm oxygen remains key.

Edging out the Competition
March 1, 2007

Today’s package printers know that the more appealing a package looks to the consumer, the more they will reap monetary benefits. With this in mind, printers have been juggling the demands of high-productivity, easy maintenance, and environmental responsibility. It’s no wonder that because UV and EB technology allows for these benefits, it has been a major presence in the packaging industry. According to a RadTech International report titled, “Radiation Curing for Packaging,” the non-profit UV and EB organization expects that the currently estimated $480 million curing market for packaging will jump to $550 million by 2009. With UV/EB technology increasing momentum, converters must know

acpo ltd. introduces UV Screening Overlaminate Film
February 4, 2007

Resists Harmful UV Light While Retaining Color and Quality of Label OAK HARBOR, OH—Leading manufacturer of self-wound PSA coated products, acpo ltd., introduces 691V, a UV screening overlaminate film. 691V was created to give label manufacturers an alternative to using expensive UV inks in their label printing processes. 691V is a clear, durable, polyester PSA overlaminate containing a film additive in the formulation. This allows the overlaminate to combat harmful UV rays and protect the label inks and base material from deterioration. Label manufacturers can use the 691V in conjunction with their standard water based inks for optimum print

Win When it Counts
April 1, 2006

It’s a fact that people are attracted to certain genetic traits in others. For instance, some women look for men with blonde hair and blue eyes, while others only date the tall, dark, and handsome types. Some people even take steps to have specific physical attributes—like wearing colored contacts to make their dark eyes appear blue, or sitting in a tanning bed to turn their light skin golden. The world of package printing likes to play these same tricks because, what it really comes down to is, it’s all about the packaging. One of the best ways to add that something special to a