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Xeikon Introduces Dry Toner Technology
August 13, 2010

ITASCA, Ill.—The QA-I toner suitability for indirect food contact applies to all process colors (CMYK) as well as spot colors (white, clear, extra magenta, red, green, blue and orange).

Seeing Applications Through
September 1, 1999

Screen material suppliers address vignette and metallic ink printing challenges, and look toward digital prepress compatibility solutions. by Susan Friedman With a wide-open attitude toward changing needs, screen material suppliers are addressing everything from larger pigment ink problems to process printing prospects, to compatibility with more presses. With nickel sleeve constructions, the byword is stability. Stork Rotaform's line of Rotamesh rotary screens, which are produced in the round, feature a 100 percent nickel, non-woven material that is electroformed to create walls and holes, along with a smooth surface inside and outside. "Most other rotary screen materials are woven with the same materials typically used