Sean Riley

Sean Riley
The More Inks, the Merrier

Package printers are looking for as many different ink options as possible, according to this year's ink usage survey. by Sean Riley, Associate Editor If package printers decided one thing last year in terms of ink use, it is that there is no such thing as too many options. More so than in any other year, converters who responded to packagePrinting's annual ink usage survey are looking for more ink options and ink suppliers in an allout effort to create unique applications that jump out at consumers. Last year, 60 percent of respondents said they use a single supplier for all of

Crazy for Combos

The printing possibilities on combination presses has a variety of end-users looking for more out of their applications. by Sean Riley, Associate Editor THE WORD IS now out on combination printing and customers are clamoring to their converters for more mileage out of their package printing. They want packaging that leaps off of store shelves and contains as much color, style, and information as is possible to produce. Combination narrow web presses have been at the forefront in fulfilling these needs quite well, but printers have found that their customers are insatiable when it comes to the combo process. Buyers from new markets

IADD Diecutter/Diemaker of the Year - Well Worth the Wait

After nearly 60 years in the industry, Bob Larson remains as the past, present, and future of the IADD. by Sean Riley, Associate Editor SAYING THAT THE diemaking and diecutting industry is in Bob Larson's blood is akin to saying that politics is in the Kennedy's blood, or driving fast is an Earnhardt family trait. Certainly these affirmations are true, but possibly a bit understated. The fact of the matter is that like the Kennedy clan and the Earnhardt lineage, the Larsons have been immersed in their industry for three generations. And just like members of those slightly more famous families, the respect