Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry a Senior Editor at NAPCO Media and writes for In-plant Graphics, Printing Impressions and Packaging Impressions.

Becoming a Full-Service Packaging Partner

For package printers, providing value for brands that goes beyond traditional packaging manufacturing processes is quickly becoming an expectation.

How Digital Print Can Spell Success for Smaller, Niche Brands

At the Digital Packaging Summit, attendees learned how digital print can be a source of success for small brands in a variety of market segments. Lisa Sohanpal of Nom Noms World Food shared her perspectives on the power of packaging, and Ron Sasine, a retail packaging consultant, provided insight from his extensive experience in brand packaging.

Memjet's Latest Inkjet Technology Targets Labels and Packaging

Memjet's new DuraFlex technology fills an implementation gap between VersaPass and DuraLink. All three feature high-resolution thermal drop-on-demand printheads, but in DuraFlex's case, these will be A4 and A3+ configurations up to 50˝.

Commercial Shops Create Opportunities in Packaging

A packaging account is like an annuity for a commercial firm: remunerative and reliable. The opportunity is real, but developing a packaging concentration takes a combination of patience, investment and proven skill.

Harness the Power of Color

Brands want their packaging colors to be rich, vibrant and evocative. But, more than anything else, brands want colors that are consistent from run to run across all the processes used to reproduce them. Here’s how printers are delivering.

The Paper Chase: Inside the Shifting Paper Market

In many cases, paper manufacturers have been closing mills, taking papermaking machines off-line or rededicating machines to produce more profitable substrates, such as paperboard and packaging grades.

Adapting to Short-Run Realities

Among printers and converters, the definition of “short run” depends on whom you ask and what they’re producing. A high-margin opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors with short-run output is what they all share.

How Diamond Packaging Takes its Promotional Calendar to the Next Level

Promotional calendars are hardly a new tool for printers to use when wooing customers and prospects. But Diamond Packaging's 2019 calendar extends beyond serving as a promotional piece, demonstrating the artwork-like qualities the company can produce, along with the latest smart packaging technologies. Here's how the 2019 calendar came together.

Industry Convergence Webinar Outlines Opportunities Across Print Segments

Print industry "convergence" in theory and practice – the latter in the form of success stories from two printing companies that have branched well beyond their original capabilities – was the subject of a Printing Impressions webinar that is now available for online viewing.