Dan Marx

Dan Marx

Dan Marx, Content Director for Wide-Format Impressions, holds extensive knowledge of the graphic communications industry, resulting from his more than three decades working closely with business owners, equipment and materials developers, and thought leaders.

Success on Repeat

Exhibitors at the 2023 PRINTING United Expo enjoyed strong sales, increasing our anticipation for this year’s event in Las Vegas.

INX: Shifting Trends, Shifting Direction

Asked at the recent PRINTING United Expo what is new with ink manufacturer INX International, Paul Edwards, the company’s vice president, digital division, shared a change in strategy. “We’re making a stronger move toward packaging,” he said. “If you look at trends,…

Exploring "The Folding Carton Opportunity" with Lisa Cross

Lisa Cross, principal analyst with NAPCO Research, discusses the educational session, "The Folding Carton Opportunity," which will be presented during the upcoming PRINTING United Expo in Atlanta, October 18-20.

What Packaging 'Nerds' Can Gain From Attending PRINTING United Expo

Adam Peek, senior vice president of sales at Meyers, discusses the upcoming panel discussion, "Printing’s Role in Increased Product Functionality," taking place at the 2023 PRINTING United Expo, and other reasons why it's important for packaging and printing "nerds" to attend the event. 

Why Meyers Is Keen on RFID

Adam Peek, senior vice president of sales at Meyers, discussed the company's current moves in RFID production for product labels, and describes the market conditions that indicate RFID will be widely used moving forward.